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The Gorgeous Reality of Life on Earth [VIDEO]

Life is a gift. Cherish it. Enjoy it. Live an adventure that excites you.

Jordan Bates

Failure is Only Feedback

Let me show you why "success" and "failure" are more like the Yin and Yang than Heaven and Hell.

Jordan Bates

5 Unexpected Reasons Why Modern Life Depresses Many People

The world is better than it's ever been, so why don't we feel better than we ever have?

Jordan Bates

Steve Taylor: Why Science Needs Spirituality to Make Sense of the World (Podcast #15)

We have Steve Taylor on the podcast to talk about the intersection of science and spirituality.

Jon Brooks

Carl Jung and Culture War: How Our Shadow Creates a World of Enemies

If you are at war with yourself, you are at war with the world.

Alexander Blum