we all reside in self-inflicted purgatories

guided by the light coming from the fire we set

a flame

walking, rather tip toeing carefully

along a tight rope we strung tightly

eyes focused along a narrowing path

missing the grandeur and openness surrounding us

we are self-regulated rule followers reprimanded for revolting against our own rigid regulations

failures in our own eyes

inadequate visions of our own ideals

we pale in comparison when we choose to compare

unhealthy obsessions we are obsessed with

strive to suffer

self-sabotaging reigns

pay dues to those who do us wrong


we traverse through rapid waters because our feet seek sun kissed sand

hide out in caves for many days and curse the darkened scene

like pumping gas into a tank

we fill ourselves with goals

and once fulfilled

we     must      be     filled

a constant      draining    tank


drones of shells moving on by

flashing warns we’re nearly empty

grabbing, consuming

a blind rage to obtain


we are civilization

we invented this game