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2/20 - Schedule of Events

Susan Barnes

🧘‍♀️ Opening Meditation

🗓 10:30 AM Mountain Time

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We'll begin our voyage into the power of rituals with a meditation lead by Susan Barnes. Let's start the day feeling centered, calm, and engaged. A lot is about to happen.

Jennifer Dumpert

👁 The Art of Liminal Dreaming

🗓 11:00 AM Mountain Time

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Liminal dreaming differs from lucid dreaming in that it's focused on working with the the deeply unusual half-waking dream states of hypnagogia and hypnopompia. A liminal dreaming practice helps you integrate these states into your life in personally meaningful ways. This process can help can improve sleep, mitigate anxiety and depression, help to heal trauma, and aid creativity and problem-solving.

🚪Choose Your Own Adventure

🗓 12:00 PM Mountain Time

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You decide! Open 1 of 3 doors below to explore a specific kind of ritual.

Leon Schirp

🙏 The Body As A Sacred Vessel

🗓 1:00 PM Mountain Time

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A space to drop into deep reverence for the magic of the body. Even now as you read this so many processes sustaining your life are happening outside of conscious awareness. This is a space to bring appreciation for the complexity and beauty of our physical organism.

⚡️ Lightning Connection

🗓 2:00 PM Mountain Time

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Over 30 minutes you'll shuffle through 5-6 casual conversations with other curious souls. These 1-on-1 interactions give you the chance to build tighter bonds with some of the other Metamorphosis participants.

🎁 Prize Time

🗓 2:30 PM Mountain Time

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We've gathered 100+ prizes from our friends and allies to give lucky winners even more tools and resources to embrace the power of ritual. See all prizes on the registration page.

Visakan Veerasamy

🎩 Ritual Aesthetics

🗓 3:00 PM Mountain Time

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"I personally believe that each person has within them an entire universe of aesthetics that's rich, dense & ripe for exploring. one of life's grand adventures is: you get to build out the extended cinematic universe of yourself." Visa will explore the ways taste, talismans, alters and more can contribute to our sense of meaning.

Mike Slavin


🦋 Weaving Your Rituals

🗓 4:00 PM Mountain Time

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Here we'll weave together everything you've learned over the past 3 days into your personal map for the path ahead. You'll have clear sense of how to bring ritual into your life so you can more reliably access inner peace and deeper meaning.



🗓 5:00 PM Mountain Time

We'll wrap up and wind down with a musical journey from East Forest. This will be a space to recharge as you digest all the insights and realizations you've uncovered over the past 3 days.

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