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the nihilism crisis

this refers to my own problems with nihilism. this is my first attempt at a blog so all tips and...


First time DMT – what to expect and a little advice

DISCLAIMER: I am not recommending anyone take illegal substances, but many people who are interested...


Could you forgive someone who abused you as a child?

Geoff Thompson recently wrote a post sharing how he gave the man who abused him as a child to...


The Next Step In Conscious Evolution – The Felt Presence of "One-ness".

I am sure you have heard the New Agey term “we are all one”. At first glance, you may...


Artificial brain passes IQ test



[Official] TED discussion group

We live in the era of information, everything you want to know, from making an atomic bomb to LSD or...


What You Basically Are Deep Down

**You can check out the full article with pictures and many others out here! Peace! :)** What we...


Nuclear Enlightenment

The possibility of complete earthly destruction is present. If everything has a mathematical...


Official: Jordan's Day of Service

Helping others feels good great AWESOME. Plus it opens you up to all sorts of opportunities to...


Feeling earth’s pain?

When I see trees being cut down, water being wasted, and earth’s resources being wasted and...


Anyone else excited about death?

Understand I am in no rush to get there, but death fascinates me…. Like what comes...


I see pulsating purple light/energy when I meditate….whats up with that?

Has any one had a similar experience? I have no idea what this means or the implications of it. What...


Dogs…disguised aliens

Does anyone ever think about how aliens could possibly be disguised as dogs or pets in our homes so...


Absolutely anything that happens is meant to happen.

Woah woah slow down, big statement I’m well aware, but as big as your ego? I don’t know...


Anyone read 'The Present' www.truthcontest.com?

I’m currently on page 87 of the online e-book titled ‘The Present’ on the website...


Is ADHD bullshit?

I am very curious to see how many of you can relate to my experience. I remember being in school as...


Oshos enlightenment

I just read this awesome history about Osho’s enlightenment. It was really a amazing history ,...


What is your perfect society?

A society with a strong culture of sharing with each other and loving one another, working together,...


Hell Is Reincarnation

Some people say it exists, some don’t believe in it, here’s what I think. Hell is human...


We are all the same person, one soul (a lesson in human empathy)

Before you let the little gears in your brain kick in and let your thoughts fire into defensive...


It's time to wake up

Apathy. It astounds me. It’s everywhere, in every mind and every soul. Never have I felt more...


My Forehead Against Yours

The sensation when your forehead rests gently against the forehead of someone you love and cherish...


Black Hole in the Pupil

You know how they say there’s a black hole in every galaxy? What if there’s a super tiny...


Do you believe in Gerson therapy, and its effects on cancer and disease.

I am mostly writing this to hear the communities ideas on alternative medicine. If you are not aware...


Don't trust people who dislike animals?

I came to this semi-realisation a few months ago; people who dislike animals are not to be trusted....


What Would Happen If There Was No Time?

What would our world look like? Would we even exist?

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