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Psychedelic ceremonies around SouthEast Asia and/or china?

I am going to be traveling to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and somewhere else in which I haven’t...



Why doesn’t religion evolve? It’s almost the same that it was. 


Is there a purpose to the universe? If so, what is it?

Is there a purpose to the universe? I thought it might just be achieving complete balance, for...


Talk about meditation practice

after a few years of falling off/on the wagon of meditation i finally menaged to create a...


Living Another Life in a Recurring Dream

Starting three weeks ago, I came back from a trip, exhausted, and slept for about 15 hours. In those...


Steps to Enjoy Family Fun for Less

Here are few steps to enjoy indoor activities at location like iT’Z. Pick an indoor activities...


Do we need the power of the third eye?

The spiritual laws of the East compared to the West differ a lot. As the New Age movement introduces...


Hell Is Reincarnation

Some people say it exists, some don’t believe in it, here’s what I think. Hell is human...


The Pros and Cons of Being an *Empath*

I have recently discovered that I am an empath and have been researching the many pros and cons that...


We are all the same person, one soul (a lesson in human empathy)

Before you let the little gears in your brain kick in and let your thoughts fire into defensive...


the nihilism crisis

this refers to my own problems with nihilism. this is my first attempt at a blog so all tips and...


I took Molly and my man got High and not me wth?

hay i was just wondering my man and I took Molly together and he got high and not me anyone know...


Feeling earth’s pain?

When I see trees being cut down, water being wasted, and earth’s resources being wasted and...


What Goes Unnocticed

I’m currently writing a college essay. The essay prompt is: “Consider something in your...