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Meditation…Under Water?

There has been a wide variety of mediation techniques and discussions posted on here for a while so...


The Simile of Truth

Imagine a simple scene, A harbor and the vast ocean beyond it, the water is truth,  there is no...


Determining the consciousness of others

Im not sure what sparked my interest in this matter, Ive had conversations about consiousness...


What is your perfect society?

A society with a strong culture of sharing with each other and loving one another, working together,...


does the outcome of capitalism result in its own demise?

some things i have been pondering: – capitalism drives a company to be as efficient as...


The psychological side of missing someone?

Hey Everyone. I was wondering about human relationships and their purposes and this 2 questions came...


What is your philosophy of life in 3 sentences?

Here’s mine: – Do what makes you happy and nothing else – Strive to make others happy...


Psychedelic ceremonies around SouthEast Asia and/or china?

I am going to be traveling to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and somewhere else in which I haven’t...



Why doesn’t religion evolve? It’s almost the same that it was. 


Is there a purpose to the universe? If so, what is it?

Is there a purpose to the universe? I thought it might just be achieving complete balance, for...


Talk about meditation practice

after a few years of falling off/on the wagon of meditation i finally menaged to create a...


Living Another Life in a Recurring Dream

Starting three weeks ago, I came back from a trip, exhausted, and slept for about 15 hours. In those...


Steps to Enjoy Family Fun for Less

Here are few steps to enjoy indoor activities at location like iT’Z. Pick an indoor activities...