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Post Dream Sensations

There have been several occasions immediately after waking up from a vivid dream, I still feel the...


What do you aspire to do in Life?

At school we were talking about lifetime goals and I would like to know some of yours. What do you...


A Conscious Universe

If you’re up for a small lengthy read and want to discuss this with me, I’m dying to...


Happy Annual Corporate Love day

Spreading the love my fine people.


How to find one’s self.

After my first year in college I have found myself questioning everything I thought I once knew:...


Challenge your Brain!

I want you to imagine you are brushing your teeth… What hand are you using? Your right? Left?...


3 Patriot Act Provisions Have Expired! Rejoice!

http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2011/02/patriot-act-notextended/ What do you guys think? I’m...


Computer Organization & Feng Shui

Are you happy with how you organize your files and folders on your computer? Do you at all? Recently...


Searching for music

I watched part of the 2010 Kennedy Center honours on Utube, and particularly enjoyed Steven...


Speed Reading

So i noticed that many users of this site are avid readers, and i figured you guys might appreciate...


Notifications for Discussions

I’ve been asked by several people about having some notifications for when someone comments on...


The Story of Stuff

just saw it in my sociology class and found it quite interesting. http://www.storyofstuff.com/...


Funny/interesting/different places to go?

Hey guys! So I was thinking of places to go that are different and fun like a day trip. Somewhere to...


coachella 2011

whos going ? share your experience on going to the festival if you have been to it before and point...


Oh Life- The easiest way to write your life story

https://ohlife.com/ I just signed up for this two days ago and I can already tell it will be...