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Share your soundcloud (Or any original music) here

One of my friends just turned me on to soundcloud the other day and I think it is a cool way for...


Being just friends with someone you love?

Is that possible, and would you try to maintain a friendship, or would it lead to trouble later on?...


What is something worth?

What is it worth to live?


Why I want to be stupid.

Hello guys, As the title suggests, I wish to be stupid. This is why: First, what does intelligence...


Universe thought reading

I want to know if other people experience this. People in public


It is possible to heal fully and completely.

Many say that there are some things that cannot be healed. Fine. Let them say that. And they are...


Favorite animal? Come on play the game!

I know it sounds like a lame question but I’m always intrigued (especially if people answer...


Lets dive into some Dark Web Stories, Anyone?

I’ve always been that curious cat all my life. I just bought this laptop of a friend and man...


Topic overflow

Since I am quite new to this community I am not sure if I can judge about this, but sometimes I feel...


How old are you?

I was just wondering what the kind of age range there is on this website. I was looking for a...



I feel like outer appearances are given way too much importance. But the thing that bothers me is I...


Anyone read 'The Present' www.truthcontest.com?

I’m currently on page 87 of the online e-book titled ‘The Present’ on the website...


I Should Be Kicking Life's Butt Right Now

I’m 27, and I’m stagnant. I should be developing my life’s foundation...


How to Manage Your Time Better Using Cumulative Time Tracking and Work Weeks?

Do you know—really know!—how much time it takes you—yes, you specifically—to do any task at...


Why are SWIM's visuals on lsd not as expected?

Every time that people, who have not tripped before, think of acid visuals, they envision things way...