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Solitude In Love

Solitude in love is the evocation of serenity.  When you are in love, and you require solitude...


The Symbolic Self

Roseau, and Sigmund Freud didn’t understand human nature. Human society in a nutshell. The...


Overview: features of the new Tkeycoin crypto currency

Technological solutions realized in Tkeycoin Dao, open wide opportunities for its application in...


How does the Internet really look like?

In simple terms, the transmits information from point A to point B. These points are IP addresses...


Seven interesting things you can do with your body after death

Go to space after deathThe launch of cremated remains into space is becoming an increasingly popular...


Why does the Earth turn, but we do not notice it?

Let me congratulate you: at present you are spinning at a speed of 1500 km / h, without even trying...


The World Health Organization recognizes gambling as a mental illness

Excessive passion for video games is recognized as a mental disorder. At least, according to the...


What will happen to bitcoin in 2020?

Almost exactly a year ago for one bitkoyn gave about 580 dollars. Add the word “all”...


The new HIV vaccine showed good results in human trials

The Harvard group of scientists has made significant progress in the search for a method of...


Paranormal activity.

Let’s share stories about spirits, ghosts and aliens.


How college is different from highschool?

I am now a first year college student. And i notice my classmates, every now and then, murmuring...


The Most Awkward Moment in Sex Yet The Cutest

Hi peole. I ain´t new but i haven wrote anything past the few 5 years. After I read some post most...


Google is adding DRM to all Android apps, but it's for the right reasons

Earlier this week, Google quietly rolled out a feature that adds a string of metadata to all APK...


Cultivating 'bullet proof' habits for a healthy life

It’s been years since I posted a discussion on HE and I miss it! I’m ready to get...


Documenting my Fitness Journey Daily on IG. Would anyone follow me?

Okay. Okay. Before anyone judge me here. Let me tell you my story. I have been trying to change...