The Ascent

8-week action-based-experience

No More Dabbling.
The Journey Starts Now

The Ascent is the world’s first training program for spiritual warriors who want to get off the self-improvement treadmill and begin the climb toward their highest purpose.

Do you have a dream?

The Voice of Greatness

On some level, you were always aware of the lies. 

Those close by made you believe your destiny was fixed.

“Success is for other people.”
“You are what you are.” 

But you asked questions. You experimented. Studied. Listened within, and heard a whisper… 

“You are capable of greatness…” The voice said. 

The voice of greatness was faint at first. It was weakened, poisoned, confused from being plugged into The Matrix for so long. 

At times the doubt crept in, and the stress of daily living has kept the lie alive that you were destined for the ordinary world. 

But the voice of greatness can never truly die.

And you mustered the strength to break the illusions of your situation and pursue the path of transforming yourself, becoming better, and creating a positive impact on the world. 

You made the first Ascent out of the ordinary world. A vital first step. 

That’s why you’re here. 

But there is a problem…

But there is a problem…

Most people aren’t actively realizing their dreams. 

There is a large gap between their day to day reality and their true potential. So many gifted people play small.

Why is that?

“Procrastination.” “Lack of motivation.” “Not enough time.” “Perfectionism.” “Imposter Syndrome”.

These are all things you have heard. But they are all symptoms of the deeper issue. And if you’re preoccupied with these as the core problem, you’ll find yourself spinning your wheels, making small bursts of progress only to fall back into old patterns.

A big part of the problem is misdiagnosing the problem.

Getting it wrong can lead to wasted time, failed solutions, and lack of progress. Getting it right can lead to an eruption of productivity, creativity, and meaning.

It's Time to Come Alive

Our dreams are like mountain peaks in the distance.

No clear path from where we stand but we know there is a place we can reach that will lead to greater perspective and a more beautiful view.

People who stay stuck at the base of the mountain are destined for boredom and cynicism. Feeling like the world has passed them by, they lack the ability to seize the day and author their own story.

This base is the safe zone where ingrained patterns of thought and behavior are reinforced by your environment. No matter how many books are read or journal pages filled, there will be a sense that something is missing.

To come alive we must eventually answer to adventure.

There is a reason we call it a Calling:
it might start as a whisper, a ringing in your ears, a voice that grows louder and louder until one day you decide it is time to leave behind the familiar and expose yourself to the extraordinary.

But these soulful expeditions
are best made in great company.

Bonds that will aid you when danger strikes and guide you back when you fall off course.

More motivation isn’t the answer if you remain at the base of the mountain. In fact, the reason many lack motivation is BECAUSE they are staying put in their safe zone. They haven’t come alive.

Stressing on motivation and procrastination will not help.

What you need is an environmental disruption. Even just 20 years ago, to create this shift you’d need to change your geography. Move to a new place and start fresh to break out of the patterns.

That’s no longer the only possibility (and good thing because moving isn’t the most appetizing plan in the middle of a global pandemic).

Technology is more frequently being seen in negative terms, but like all tools, it’s about how you use them. It’s possible to create a digital intervention that acts as a transformational overlay on top of your current circumstances.

Imagine a squad of leaders and dreamers who knock on the door of your safe zone and say

“Are you ready?”

They dispense relevant wisdom.

They teach you valuable skills.

They offer you laser-focused feedback.

Your blindspots get revealed.

Your hidden talents start to surface.

Longstanding obstacles begin to melt away.

And together with eyes locked on the mountain peak before you, taking all you’ve learned, you make your ascent.

This is what we’ve created.

And if you’re the right fit, we want you to be a part of it.

The World Needs Your Gifts

This is not a time to sit on the sidelines. We need your gifts and we've created something to help you express them.


The Ascent

An 8-week action based experience

This is not another online course. It’s an interactive personal growth incubator offering a fusion of action-oriented mastermind sessions, expert-led transformational workshops,  uncommon practices, and more all designed to help you come into alignment and pursue your unique mission. 

Join an inspiring group of compassionate leaders devoted to following their bliss and making their unique contribution to the world. This experience is designed to create a deep identity-level change in its participants through disciplined action toward one’s highest calling. The only learning that happens here is on the walk (or crawl) to the summit, not from the comfort of your cabin at the base.

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What People Are Saying About Our Previous Events

What People Are Saying About Our Previous Events

Is this for you?

Do these align for you? If so, you should apply.

“I feel like I have gifts to offer the world but I’m not even close to living up to my potential. I’m tired of playing small and I’m ready to leap into a path filled with passion and purpose.”

“I’m tired of making progress and then falling back into old patterns. I’m ready to experience consistent forward movement on the habits, projects, and relationships that give me the greatest sense of meaning.”

“I crave a supportive and like-minded group of peers to celebrate my wins, dust me off when I stumble, and encourage me to live in alignment with who I truly am.”

“I sometimes feel like I’m living a life that isn’t truly my own and I’m ready to scrap the script that has been written for me and become the author of my own story.”

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