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Transform your 7-day Anxiety course into a 10-day challenge by adding this intense 72 hour personal growth sprint to your experience.

The Heroic Stoic Bootcamp:

A Unique 72 Hour Personal Growth Sprint To Embody The Virtues of Iconic Stoic Philosophers

Put Ancient Wisdom into Action

If you're feeling stuck or bored with life, this bootcamp will inject a healthy dose of excitement and aliveness into your experience. This 72 hour challenge is designed to to accelerate your understanding of stoic philosophy and cultivate deeper resilience and gratitude in everyday life.

We accomplish this by embodying specific qualities of Iconic Stoic Philosophers and begin to carve these virtues into your behavior through a specific sequence of unique obstacles. Read below to get a taste of what you'll experience.


Marcus Aurelius Day: Align With Your Values

When we go against the grain of our values we suffer. Our self esteem diminishes and feel less excited about life. This day will serve as a values reset borrowing from the wisdom of the Philosopher King, Marcus Aurelius. Align with your values and you will uncover and electrical current of meaning that will guide you through your days.


Seneca Day: Endure and Overcome Hardship

We all face hardship in our lives. How we respond to our challenges is really what makes a difference. Do we shrink into a victim mentality or do we seize the opportunity to cultivate resilience? Using Seneca’s principle of Practicing Poverty we will tackle a set of challenges designed to strengthen your resolve in the face hardship.


Epictetus Day: Claim Invisible Treasure

Our lives are overflowing with hidden gems but we all too often focus on petty grievances. This day will train your vision so you can experience deep gratitude by uncovering the hidden treasures in your life. This will open up a fountain of appreciation that will nourishing your spirit so you can face whatever storms might lie ahead on your path through life.

Here's What's Inside Your Bootcamp Toolbox

Here's everything you get in your bootcamp training bundle to help you make the most of this unique (and intense) experience. You'll have everything you need to seize the opportunity in front of you so you can experience rapid transformation that will stay with you long after the bootcamp is complete.

3 Deep Dive Training Videos For Rapid Wisdom Absorption

Before each day of the bootcamp, you’ll receive wisdom-packed training videos where you’ll learn the habits and principles of the Stoic sages and how to awaken these virtues within yourself.

12 Stoic Obstacles For Building Resilience and Inspiring Gratitude 

Stretch your limits and expand your sense of possibility. After 3 days, you’ll have more room to breathe, greater appreciation for the little things, and a new found confidence to tackle life’s challenges.

Your Instructor

Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks is the resident Stoic savant at HighExistence. For Jon, 'Stoicism' is not some trendy buzzword or abstract ideology. Rather, it is an all-too-real suit of armor that came to his aid when he found himself in the eye of a Great Storm. When life tested him most profoundly, Stoicism became a sword and shield with which to neutralize demons, fortify his being, and summon dormant powers. Stoicism, for Jon, is a way of life. It is a "philosophy" in the pure and archaic sense—that is, something one embodies. Stoicism has been a precious gemstone on Jon's path, and his soul delights in helping others integrate its ancient, life-transforming wisdom.

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Bonus #1:
Sage Journaling: 25 Illusion Shattering Questions To Unshackle Your Mind

Sink your psyche into these epiphany inducing writing prompts that will activate a cascading river of insight to unearth your hidden gifts and refresh your perspective.

Bonus #2:
Sunrise+Sunset Meditations To Start and Finish Each Day With Peaceful Gratitude

Use this meditation combo to kickstart your morning with excitement and end your night with deep satisfaction.

30 Day Hassle Free Guarantee

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72 Hour Personal Growth Sprint



  • 3 Training Videos For Rapid Wisdom Absorption
  • 12 Stoic Obstacles For Building Resilience and Inspiring Gratitude 
  • Sunrise+Sunset Meditations To Start and Finish Each Day With Peaceful Gratitude
  • Sage Journaling: 25 Illusion Shattering Questions To Unshackle Your Mind
  • Marcus Aurelius Day To Align With Your Values
  • Seneca Day To Endure and Overcome Hardship
  • Epictetus Day To Claim Invisible Treasure
  • Exclusive 74% off discount

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