A little wisdom from Calvin

  • TranscendEmpathy (23) April 5, 2015

    Bill Watterson always managed to capture our humanity perfectly. This picture is an adaptation of a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip in which Calvin, by screaming out into the great abyss of the starry night sky, shows our egocentric man is, and how, if we could just take a step back and look at the bigger picture, we would realize that we truly are the dust specks of the universe, a negligible amount.

    However, what I feel is actually not only poignant, but so powerful about this image is that in contemplating our own humanity and thereby our own insignificance, we need only to look at Stephen Hawking, and his words on how we are ” just a chemical scum on a moderate-sized planet, orbiting around a very average star in the outer suburb of one among a hundred billion galaxies. We are so insignificant that I can’t believe the whole universe exists for our benefit. ” And yet, whilst this is true, Calvin screaming out his significance, in fact is what makes us so special, so significant. We are the voices that scream in the wind, and whilst our position in the universe does show how little we matter, this is should not cause us to distress, but rather, to rejoice.

    Our problems, struggles, woes, pain, ills, tears – they matter not in the grand scheme of the universe or even in our world or country or city. This change of perspective means that they do not inherently matter. But what does this mean, pragmatically. Well, we have two options. We can become careless, a #YOLO attitude is you will. Or rather, we can realize that yes, things are now in perspective, but that doe not, by any means, signify that our problems do not matter, for they matter to us. And following that same logic, we ARE significant. We do matter. To each other. And that is a reason to rejoice, or if you will, to scream it out into the stars like so many other dust specks before us.

  • andres_bechger (2) April 6, 2015

    For me you just say, let yourself be guided by emotions, illusions and be stupid. Dont look at “the world” relafively. Instead believe, with illusions that you are indeed significant when you are not. You should see the things relatively. You are exactly saying, fool yourself to thinking you are important, and fool yourself to thinking that you have really have struggles and pain.