Become Human

  • Eagle Vega (8) July 23, 2014

    Tearoom. I have lived 4 years without a task master. A large portion of this is learning to appreciate simple joys. I have cut out unnecesary bills and costs. I find happiness in connection and my needs monitarily are very small. I work on a gift and trade economy. I use mostly karma as a commodity. And the way that works is that I don’t always get back from the people I give to (gifts when you have little make for the best karma too), oft times the small miracles I need come from completely different sources than I’ve given to. By being a generous loving person, even when you have little, you hold a vibration that invites others to be generous with you. That’s how it works, but you have to take the jump when the call comes. As far as the benefits of this kind of life… I have lived the most beautiful existence. I don’t have the room or time to go through the extraordinary journey I’ve been on, but I can tell you that it’s worth it… even if it’s somewhat scary at times.

  • tearoom (6) June 8, 2014

    can we focus on the how? Because without direction, this is how you end up working in worse conditions than that, or get disillusioned. You and your family is gonna need some money to stay healthy and there’s no magical way to bypass it besides being smart about it, which is the part that this poster leaves out for you to figure out on your own… and that’s kinda cold. Its a trampoline jump that can land you anywhere in a good AND bad way unless its about action somewhere along all that rebellion.