Break up with normal today

  • Chard (0) June 14, 2012

    I love this place…what IS, the difference between work & Play? The spelling. I decided 24 years ago that the 12 religons I explored were so shallow and barbaric, I made up my own:
    be good and Kind. Then I thought aftter putting that on my business cards, and scoring a six-month stint as ‘soundman’ for the Dali, I neede to define how I would be in my societal and business interactions, so I added six words so I could say I ran my life with 10 words:
    be Integrity Ridden and Morally Bound…voila! Then I got grief for the semantic colloqial word Morally Bound – so I ask: should I sub ‘Ethically’ for ‘Morally’? (I ask herein for the first time, because: Everyone, including you Mr. “found’er, seems so bright and fresh herein, and I am so, uh, well, male?) Oh, BTW: literally on his death-bed / “Passing-slab”, my dad who was my BFF said jokingly: “Why so wordy? try Never Lie, Cheat or Steal”. Great, now I’m up to 15. Yes…I am the polar opposite of Normal. Also, want to save the world. And,I have a very simple plan, which will do this…ask me about it – for starters:
    http// Love, Chard. PS: will marry for computer skills…looks Not important. Being single sucks I have decided…not unhappy, but teaming up with the other species keeps a male in check, and provides a lifetime of ‘live TV Comedy” on Channel US. In closing, God must be a woman. A Man?! C’mon…right. yeah.

  • The_truth_is_ (91) June 14, 2012

    It is unfortunate that this kind of reality, deciding not to be “normal,” is just as normal, if not more than, actually being normal. People do it all the time, albeit, with fake and forced comments and/or actions.

  • Andrew A. (201) June 14, 2012

    If only all “not normal” women looked like this…

  • Jordan Lejuwaan (23,437)A June 14, 2012

    Facebook made me take this down from the fan page haha

  • TravisAD (53) July 1, 2012

    I have to admit, I love this photo. Props to the one who made it, and honestly I can’t wait to end my normal life and start my magical journey