Bucky, The Heir of Genius to Tesla

  • Brandon Phillips (142) July 18, 2012

    Earn a living. How dispicable those words have come to be.

  • SunshineChristy (34) January 11, 2013

    To earn a living and to work at being alive are different things, but the lines have blurred, and now no one can tell what is necessity and what isn’t.

    It’s pretty sad.

  • Shah (5) February 13, 2013

    Education must not be stamped on certificates, but on minds. We need to teach students to learn for themselves so they can think for themselves.

    It’s sad to watch people (old/ too old for university education) desperately finding time in their feverish, over-loaded schedules and invading institutes to earn themselves degrees so they can progress at the jobs they have at hand. Is that what education is all about? Why must a piece of paper determine what you’ve learned/ earned in 12/16 years? Why can’t your mind do that?