Christianity is like this…

  • K4RM4 (19) June 9, 2015

    The important takeaway from Christianity that everyone needs is simply this:
    Make an effort to live in the Christ level of consciousness. Be rooted in peace and love (4th chakra), communicate (5th), grow knowledge (6th), and reach self actualization at the divine vibration (7th chakra). In other words, awaken. It’s not easy. It’s not fast. It takes effort, time, and sheer compassion. Page 107 in “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass is helpful at conveying this message, as is the rest of the book with its intertwining of his awakening with Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. Like anything else in life, the pure, well-intended, soul focused, conscious portion of Christianity is worthy of observance, contemplation, and embodiment while the ego portion that’s so commonly propounded by hokey mainstream commercialized quacks and lost institutions ought to be discarded and avoided. As with anything else in life, ask “does what I’m experiencing feed the conscious mind or the ego?” If it’s the latter, drop it and search for the treasure you’ve not yet found. If it’s the former, nurture it and flourish as the light is spread.

    If Jesus and Buddha had been walking around in the same place at the same time, they would’ve been best buds. The message is the same. The vibration is the same. The frequency is the same. The physical vessel is a different embodiment.

    After all, I’m beyond religion at the core. I AM.

    • itssimplykyle (1) November 30, 2015

      love this post, Belief needs to stop being looked down upon. Co-exist.

  • needtobreathe (8) June 10, 2015

    …so laughable at how much this images misses of the wisdom of Jesus. the author clearly has many of their own issues to resolve…..hmmm, may they should start by read Jesus’s teaching…..

  • Allen78 (5) June 10, 2015

    Christianity is like this… I created man and woman perfectly and gave them a perfect world to live in and create life. One condition I gave them. But instead of believing me, they doubted and disobeyed, allowing evil to corrupt everything I originally made very good. Seeing that their condition would get worse and worse, I entered their world as one of them and gave my life to anyone who believes me so that they may have life more abundantly. I have overcome all evil and death. I am the way. I am truth. I am life. Follow me to everlasting life, joy and peace.

  • Felissino (1) June 10, 2015

    No need to take the parallels so literally – it’s childish and one can make every truth sound absurd if one wants to. Religion is a path to God – if one wants, one can use the same path to go two opposite directions. The core of a religion is spirituality – without that, it’s ridiculous – just as the plot of human’s life, suffering, etc.

  • TheAppetizer (49) June 10, 2015

    I dont think humans sinned till after adam and eve ate the fruit of knowledge