Describes my amazing girlfriend perfectly. To all of you smart girls out there.

  • Arenofnote (152) May 24, 2013

    Really? Over-analytic, insecure, and severely lacking trust in others? That sounds like a very limited way to live life. How about a person who lives a life of mindfulness, honest confidence, and trusting in all until given a specific reason to distrust someone?

    “There insecurity proves their respect towards themselves.” <—I honestly don't know how someone could honestly convince themselves to believe that.

  • SUSIE (0) May 25, 2013

    That described me perfectly….

  • Bridget (1) June 10, 2013

    Oh gaaaaad this is ridiculous. Smart girls are the ones who avoid drama that is meaningless, the ones who have self-respect and self-worth because they deserve it and the ones who have confidence because, who shouldn’t? Although having all those things doesn’t necessarily make one smart. Who is anyone to define ‘smart’.