Do any of us really know anything? :)

  • ObsidianSoul (4) July 29, 2015

    We don’t.

    • mr-noone (20) August 3, 2015

      Why would you say we don’t know “anything”. Sounds like a cliche phrase to me. We know a lot, and there is a lot to be known.

  • Dhyan (37) July 28, 2015

    You can’t separate a thing, so what we know is limited an mostly mirroring our own reflection :-) but you don’t have to know fun to have it:-))

  • Joshua Ramaphoko (0) August 1, 2015

    I think this pictures are trying clarify that not everyone can possibly know evrything that happens around them

  • Solbolt (0) February 7, 2016