don’t forget

  • IJesusChrist (2,833) July 8, 2012
  • Tenzing (0) July 10, 2012

    what an image..

  • Jordan Lejuwaan (23,437)A July 10, 2012

    Sorry to the soldiers out there, but in modern times this is BS. There hasn’t been a single justifiable war since WWII. Terrorism is the new Communism, a scapegoat created to justify war for special interests. Stop all wars. As they say, fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity. Soldiers, stop risking your lives for corporate greed.

    • Nate (36) August 17, 2012

      I’m a soldier, an Infantrymen, and while I don’t agree with why were at war, don’t believe in this war, I do believe in protecting my fellow soldiers, my friends, and bringing them home with me, this picture is about the past, but those people up there can just as well be the ones my friends have brought home safe, the families of those brought home safe. thank you!

    • cmacball (0) December 20, 2015

      Your logic is flawed. I know this comment is 3 years old but it is new to me. Suggesting that WWII was justifiable means that you believe certain circumstances call for war. Who decides? The president that we elect? Then all war is justifiable if he lawfully employs troops. Though I am glad that you care for the troops lives, they aren’t all idiots and some actually follow politics, finance, conspiracy theories quite well. I am trying to say, that you should either not believe in war at any cost or elect officials that hold the nation’s best interests to heart. I say this because that is really the only two options that you have.