Einstein on the “cosmic religion”

  • martouk (67) September 6, 2015

    This is exactly the door that is opening for human consciousness, but I would remove the word religion from the equation. The Evolution of Consciousness series of books by Endall Beall explain everything one needs to know about what Einstein was referring to in this quote. Instead of calling it a religion, I would say that humanity will advance from any reliance on principles of religion and the supernatural and step into more fully comprehending how the universe functions without the reliance on concepts of the divine, God or mysticism. Man stands on the doorstep of stepping into pragmatic spirituality and cognitive advancement. Spirit is nothing more than our own individual higher level consciousness, which is currently buried under layers of cultural indoctrination called the ego program. Spirit is nothing mystical. The interpretations about what spirit is, defined by every religion and mystical tradition on the planet, is why the vast majority of people can’t get in touch with their own consciousness within. Spirit=Consciousness, nothing more, nothing less. Seeking spirit outside one’s self as some sort of mystical piece of ourselves that we somehow need to connect with is what has kept humanity so lost where it comes to understanding true cognitive advancement.

    • cloudkid (2) November 17, 2016

      I’m not sure the idea of God can be completely dismissed though. As Einstein was a big believer of himself, Quantum Mechanics and more specifically String Theory are all valid indications of a “oneness” that exists. Call it consciousness, or call it God, there is a source and we have to be able to leave our minds open to whatever it may be. However, to your point, I totally agree that “religion” has to be moved past. The dogma, and man’s law designed to control the masses is a very real problem and one that only keeps us from truly finding “God”. Love this quote though… it really opens the doors to thought.

  • flower21 (18) June 28, 2018

    A great and mysterious scientist.