• Ramistotle (76) February 10, 2013

    I feel guilty about us americans almost everyday because of this.

    • Marie (2,051) February 11, 2013

      You’re not part of the wrong-doer generation, but the right-maker.

      • lkywho (8) February 12, 2013

        How are we going to make things right? Seems like things are just getting worse :(

    • Tazmanian Devil (35) February 12, 2013

      They cannibalised each other on a regular basis.

      • Danji (4) February 13, 2013

        Just because their cultural norms differ from yours doesn’t mean they should be slain, my friend.

        • Tazmanian Devil (35) February 18, 2013

          I didnt say they should be slain, my friend. I was simply giving an info. But since you mentioned, the cultural norms of the pilgrims were different from the natives too. If you call cannibalising other tribes different cultural norm then living by the gun and bible and killing people because they look different was the cultural norm of the pilgrims. So yeah, if you take your advice nobody were savages and the starter of this post shouldnt be ashamed of being american.