• Dedit Innominatam (2,998) June 12, 2013

    This is the good stuff.

    Pay attention, feminists.

  • ioana bogdan (6,777) June 13, 2013

    This doesn’t make any sense. A strong person is not one without a reaction of feelings and emotions towards. A strong person is one who knows which feelings and emotions to hold & which to let go… and more importantly, when to do that. And sometimes a strong person is one who allows herself/himself to feel everything and react according with it, because they know they can handle it.

    • Izco (42) June 14, 2013

      couldnt have said it any better myself!

  • ioana bogdan (6,777) June 13, 2013

    *towards others

  • Marie (2,051) June 13, 2013

    because people have feelings as opposed to machines?

  • Sasho Stoyanov (2,654) June 28, 2013

    Haha! Oops, an emotional reaction. I’m a weak bastard.