I like your Christ, but…

  • MayaluvsKaya (130) June 6, 2015

    My favorite Gandhi quote lol Thanks Jon

  • EWade (0) June 7, 2015

    Just lost some respect for the man as well as the otherwise positive nature of High Existence. This is a sweeping statement that categorizes lots of people indiscriminately. Imagine if I replaced the word Christ and Christian with ANY other combination and see if you still agree. If you don’t have the imagination to see the hate in this statement I’ll help you:
    Ghandi: I like Buddha. I do not like Buddhists. I like homosexuality. I do not like gays. I like Africa. I do not like _____. I like Abraham. I do not like Jews. OH. WAIT, THAT LAST ONE WAS HITLER, A MAN I’M SURE YOU WILL AGREE WAS SIMILAR TO GHANDI IN HIS TOLERANCE FOR OTHER RELIGIONS.

    • Jon Brooks (4,512)A June 7, 2015

      I don’t think any of us are thinking about the good Christians in the world. We all know there are millions of amazing Christians everywhere. I have a few in my family. Just try and get to the root of Gandhi’s message: People often use their idols/religion/group as a way to rationalize immoral behavior.

  • Zara (11) June 7, 2015

    This is a great quote. Absolutely great quote. If you replace it with any other combination it still makes sense (not hate) for every religion. There’s a huge gap in the teachings of religious founders/prophets and their followers.