Illusion of Choice

  • Hutch (213) December 20, 2012

    Its sickening, what can we do?

  • giantmind (1) December 20, 2012

    If we, collectively, stop supporting the above media (yes it’s hard, but not impossible) that’s a start. We could each share this information with our hundreds of friends (Facebook, Twitter, phonecalls, conversations, etc, who might share it with their friends). We could write to our local governments, state governments and federal governments. These are just a handful of ideas I have. Surely somebody out there can add to them.

  • Kforkonner (59) December 20, 2012

    Stop buying products based off their logo or brand name! All you Apple users! even in small amounts like food. Most taste tests show that you cannot tell the difference of most food companies.

  • Shelly (29) December 20, 2012

    Yes!! The first step is to raise awareness and educate people!! A large majority of people are ignorant to this fact so telling friends and family is a great place to start. Revolutions have to start somehow, right??