Advice From the Creator of Calvin and Hobbes (Comic by Zen Pencils)

  • Wyvjck (1) October 12, 2015

    Love it, need to find by more by this guy, loved Calvin and Hobbes

    • David Cunningham (2) October 12, 2015
      • Julia (4) October 13, 2015

        I encourage everyone who loved this check out Zen Pencils. Gavin illustrates and interprets inspirational quotes to give them new dimensions and meanings and really bring them to life. Support his contribution to art and human expression and fulfillment by buying a book or poster. I guarantee it will be enriching for you.

  • TURBO1113 (0) October 13, 2015

    This picture makes me want to go ride my bike.

    • Wendy (1) October 15, 2015

      I’m with you – but I was thinking more of the Radio Flyer on a downhill!

  • Johnny (1) October 14, 2015

    Of course it helps a lot if you have a spouse that will hold down a full time job, but I’ve always thought it lame when I’ve seen grown men stay home and draw comic books, making pennies, while their wives have to get the real bread-winning jobs. Just sayin

    • TURBO1113 (0) October 15, 2015

      Are you kidding me right now?
      Who do you think “draws” the comic books, little kids?
      Adults, men and women who are artists and creative writers have been creating comics for decades. Not all, but some make more than enough money to purchase bread. And cars, and homes and college for their children.
      That you used the word ‘lame’ and the phrase ‘just sayin’ is very telling, Johnny. You are not a comic book writer, are you?

  • Paolo Bagarone (1) September 28, 2015

    Amazing find

  • Angela (0) October 13, 2015

    Is this available for purchase? Absolutely amazing!!!