Is academia really a place for freethinking?

  • Garrett Payne (17) September 22, 2015

    As an undergraduate physics student, this comic is very relatable. Academia needs a fundamental reshaping of its inherent attitudes if we are to derive the maximum benefit from its nearly limitless potential.

  • martouk (67) September 23, 2015

    Academic has become too structured and ossified. It has become as stiff and unbending as the religious rigidity it tried to escape from. It is only the latest form or non-religious religion with as many hierarchal strictures as the Church it challenged. It has become a closed circle of academic competition and is losing every relation with genuine inquiry. Academia’s mind is already made up on what constitutes reality and what doesn’t. These days it can only marginalize the heretic innovators through ego-driven peer pressure and academic hubris. The collective group ego of academia has become a tragic joke to innovation of any kind.

  • mr. noone (20) September 27, 2015

    Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve the current stand of things? Or as most people, we are just sitting back in our chairs and reflecting, feeling good that we can critisize :)

    • martouk (67) September 27, 2015

      Not sure exactly who your question is aimed at, but as for myself, in all of my posts I have pointed people to the solution to the problem. Every ego can criticize but none can offer a solution if the ego itself is the problem (which it is)

  • Alex (1) October 16, 2015

    Science has become a religion. They began imposing rules to not think outside what they allow you to.
    The only research that can be done is what big corporations and university donors like, for their on profits.