Our attitude shapes our existence

  • Fynn Jackson (10) January 15, 2015

    But what shapes our attitude?

    • Jay (55) January 15, 2015


      • Jay (55) January 15, 2015

        And if i were to guess what shapes our thoughts, id say the environment in which we live day to day.

        • Fynn Jackson (10) January 17, 2015

          Agreed, although to a certain extent! Perhaps to know ourselvs and depen that knowledge is to agknoledge that we are only as spiritual beings having a human experience. Thus to be able to see ourselvs objektivly and deciplin our thoughts to our origional vibration. Love!

  • mlharvilleusa (0) January 15, 2015

    Diversification of thoughts ?

  • glenoak10 (0) January 16, 2015

    yesterday was fine, today i dealt with adversity, but resilience and a solution oriented mentality rather than problem conscious not only brought me through the situation but gave me a useful solution, 2.