“Please share.” — A Comic on Social Media

  • Josh (213) June 17, 2015

    This is how I see it. Most of the people that are using social media on a daily basis are addicted to it and just dont know it. They have a constant need to check for updates, likes, and keep up with what everyone else is doing. This is the reason that I deleted all my social media accounts about 9 months ago, its been liberating. I am free from the feeling of needing to keep up with everyone else and to show them how awesome the things I do are. I dont need to feed my ego by getting approval from others anymore. I urge everyone who is contemplating on the reason they use social media to delete it and you will realize that you never needed it and that you are more free to do the things your heart desires because you wont be seeking approval from others.

    Peace, Love, Good Vibes!

    • Ryan Trimble (173)C June 17, 2015

      Well said, Josh.

    • Dylan (0) October 28, 2015

      Can’t say I agree with this post.. Well yes there is a rather apparent addiction, and many people don’t use it to its full potential. I once read an article on this site on the use of caffeine, and if used correctly it can enhance your life in ways you have never before realized. But.. Are caffeine and social media not one in the same? Both a drug, both something we crave, and value? Yes, they, as like many other things in life can be both bad and good.. But the difference between a caffeine junkie and a caffeine enhancer are in the ways in which they use them. If you simply post nonsense about everything that happens day in and day out on social media, never once looking away from your screen then you are lost. But if you use it to connect, to learn, to see, to feel, to be more than just a human alone, but one connected to an ever expanding network.. Well then you are doing it right.

  • Boy Under the Bridge (362) June 18, 2015