science and philosophy

  • Jon Brooks (4,512)A August 6, 2015

    Continued discussion:

    “How do you know I’m doing philosophy?”
    “Well because I just observ–”
    “Annnnnnnd you are doing science.”

    • MayaLuvsKaya (130) August 6, 2015

      science was at one point commonly referred to as natural philosophy.

      • Jon Brooks (4,512)A August 6, 2015

        Yeah all science begins as philosophy, then when it becomes advanced enough it becomes a field of its own. William James and Issac Newton created psychology and physics but were philosophers first. I’m fed up with philosophy trying to belittle science. It’s total straw man. Science doesn’t claim to have “all the answers” so when philosophers criticize science for not having all the answers, that’s like criticizing a slug for not being good at climbing trees.

        • mr. noone (20) August 7, 2015

          Renowned physician Stephen Hawking thinks slightly differently:

          I agree that there is at least a bit of “competition” between science and philosophy, as suggested by this picture.

          • MayaLuvsKaya (130) August 7, 2015

            Are we not philosophers as HEtheans? Do we ignore modern science and physics? I personally think we are philosophers simply by our disposition also I don’t ignore modern advances in science but I do take them with are grain of salt, like I do philosophical theory.

            The competition I think you are referring to is just an attempt to divide and conquer. Why can’t science and philosophy just get along lmao?

        • MayaLuvsKaya (130) August 6, 2015

          As far as I have experienced many scientist do try to claim that their answers are facts. I am not trying to put down science and say philosophy is better.. philosophers are scientists.. like Isaac Newton and William james. Science and philosophy are two sides of one coin.. Humans trying to understand that which seems to be incomprehensible.

          • Jon Brooks (4,512)A August 6, 2015

            Yeah that’s a good point Maya. A good scientist would never say something is a fact; they would say something is a scientific fact. I’m writing an article about this very topic right now as it happens. :)

        • flower21 (17) June 28, 2018

          Philosophy is not comparable to exact sciences.

  • M4G1C LOG1C14N (303)M August 6, 2015