Stop and appreciate the beauty around you

  • manifestation (0) April 7, 2012


  • Ryan (30) April 18, 2012

    This also shows us that children still have an un-biased taste in music that is not yet manipulated by what is cool or popular and can see the true beauty in this world, a skill many of us fail to keep as we are changed by society.

  • taitr (0) May 21, 2012

    Got to love children.

  • zetrov (0) August 18, 2013

    this also shows how important it is to have recognition. the difference between a big world famous stage a a metro station. There might me plenty of undiscovered talent everywhere on the street. but if you dont get noticed.. your nothing. just shows how shallow a human mind is, and yes, how we dont appreciate beauty as much as we should.

  • Gare (32) October 24, 2015

    Or is art and beauty ‘valued’ accordingly? I bet he’s worth a 3 mill per show, but I have to play devil’s advocate lol. Theres this art festival in Michigan called ArtPrise. The whole city of grand rapids host an enormous collection of art all throughout bars, restaurants, and all over public domain. While working i noticed people were staring deeply into a pipe/desk section that is built in to the bar as if it was just part of the rest of the bars exhibit. Studying it, gawking, grabbing the chin, the whole nine yards. I think it’s funny how people will appreciate things if you tell them here is a designated area for ‘beauty and art,’ go gawk. Idk, its funny.