The Egg by Andy Weir

  • kradronime (0) January 19, 2015

    Well that was an exhilarating experience, honestly I never thought i’d someday come across as something like this cuz yes, I have thought about this before and.. uggh XD im still in ecstacy rn

  • candlesburning (0) April 14, 2015

    well written and creative mind. but that’s the thing: creative. it’s a made up story, and if someone might actually BELIEVE this, educate yourself. makes no sense. just no.

    • Fortean (0) May 10, 2015

      I agree with you in a sense. I had that same viewpoint when I first read it. Then I had some experiences that allowed me to see things in a different light, a paradigm shift, and now I can see how this could make sense. I’m not saying it is anything but a story, but I can now see it in a different way. Read Thomas Campbell’s My Big TOE trilogy to see how this might make sense. His Theory of Everything (TOE) doesn’t say anything about this, but it can change your perspective.

    • aussiejo (0) July 16, 2015

      Who knows? You might be right, you might not. We shall never know, or as it is, I might know, someday.

  • jezzamundo (0) August 13, 2015

    A few nights drinking ayahuasca in the jungle brought me to this same conclusion

  • Samuel Drown (0) August 15, 2015

    This really raises some answers for those that feel like they were meant to have lived in another time. But there are other sentient animals. I suppose they count? Confusing stuff. Of course I recognize that the key to life is giving, and to help and love another is to help and love oneself, in any way you might perceive it. You put yourself out into the world and you’ll find the world accommodating you, unbelievably. Somehow, even a phrase such as “the meaning of life is to give life meaning” falls away, because there’s no such thing as selfishness.
    My legacy would be nice to know, but I’ve long come to terms with the possibility of my death, and I’ve never had reason to be angry as long as I’ve known that I will have tried my hardest. To not give up, never surrender, per sé.
    Another has told me that I’m probably rejecting this life, and I know I certainly was when I was younger… but finding the self-mastery that will allow me to carry on with my current life is a blessing in and of itself from out of this world.
    Finally, this is something I came to entirely on my own, with guidance from martial arts instructors perhaps: no matter who you are, every single human being on this planet is more akin to me than I’ll ever know, definitely moreso than even this “story” can propose.

  • Dys (0) February 7, 2016

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