The Most Astounding Fact

  • Dusty Memoli (338) November 30, 2014

    My favorite video short – now in tumblr format for all those peeps who cant watch videos at work.
    I think I pee’d a little!

  • Shubham Kashyap (62) November 30, 2014

    I loved zenpencils!

  • Mallory (0) December 1, 2014

    Lovely, I concur.

  • gea (0) December 1, 2014

    Many years ago Carl Sagon said that we are made of stars and I love NDtyson just as much as Carl. We are the universe, no doubt about it. Don’t waste this precious energy; strive to be worthy of this star produced energy.

  • Joseph (114) December 1, 2014

    Fourth picture of the sun blowing up is how I imagine the big bang, but infinitely everywhere in space at different times. All white.