Touching Infinity

  • Patrick Starr (28) March 5, 2013

    The last time I tried gooming was the greatest stretch of my consciousness. I took them with a friend and although I will not describe the entire trip, one moment – I’m still unaware of how long this lasted – opened my mind to something I had never experienced. [Even though I swear I saw god once.]

    My eyes were closed and I was watching an array of colors swirling around a cylinder not too far away. I was some how watching time, and space I saw galaxies as well as nebulae but all I was physically perceiving was color.
    I felt my ancestors watching – I was the ancestor and myself I could even feel the energy of who I was going to be in my next life. Time was endless and a single point. My body grew old and I shed my old ego I was a part of everyone; I realized that we are all one and separate, our individuality are the angles on life, together we form the whole.

    When my eyes opened I took a minute to let what I had experienced sink in. I talked to my friend to solidify and help remember what had happened – I will never forget that feeling of collection and a completely broken ego.

    • PeaceRiot (178) March 6, 2013

      Amazing shroom experience. I’ve never tried leaving the physical realm while on shrooms. However even when I practice meditation sober I see the colors you speak of. The farthest I’ve gotten was when I was high I had my eyes closed and the dark behind my eyelids became bright!

      Everything was still color but I noticed changing patterns that disappeared into the bottom of my vision. As I focused on these patterns they became more clear to me. I was flying over these majestic heavenly palaces but all too fast. I couldn’t tell if it was heaven, I couldn’t tell if I was in another dimension. I just couldn’t tell where I was but I was loving it. I had a very grateful spirit while experiencing that.

      In conclusion.

      Weed: Opens the door
      Shrooms: Blows that door off the hinges ;]

  • julienne klasek (0) April 11, 2013

    god I miss shrooms.