True story. Don’t drink coke

  • Matheus Pinheiro (44) November 19, 2013

    Why do you still drink coca-cola?

  • Ramistotle (76) November 20, 2013

    I don’t like how they single out coca cola on this. It takes so much water to produce everything we use on a daily basis, and some companies are more environmentally responsible than others. We also create the demand for these products that fuels these companies.

    • c2c (0) November 21, 2013

      I agree. I’m sure Pepsi and others are no different. I wonder how bottled water fares?

      I’m taking this not as a shot towards Coca-Cola, but rather towards any consumer product that exploits natural resources in pursuit of corporate profits.

  • NO, It’s the fact that the regions where these people live receive rain for HALF the year that causes them to have no clean drinking water…NOTHING to do with Coca-Cola!