What are you waiting for?

  • Centaur 13 (1) May 9, 2016

    Here goes… I have five acres in South Eastern Australia, it is steadily growing and diversifying from it’s somewhat barren and desolate state in a strikingly beautiful place, into a healthy, permaculturally active landscape. There are five horses, so plenty of poo, and so much more rich potential, physical, mental, mineral, spiritual, actual. Polyfaces the movie is kind of an inspiration, but really this natural idyll has been part of my dream life for all my life. Everything is available if we just find it and map out a design to achieve it, then nature kicks in and something starts to grow.
    Well, I want to open it up to the world. The surrounding area is strongly monoculture, wheat, beans, lupins, canola etc, but there are pockets of difference and a fairly wise community. In this space I want to build and enhance a more wholesome and natural integrated farm community, and welcome people to come and join in.