What’s Your Perspective on being an Artist?

  • Matt (7) October 20, 2015

    because earth without art is just “eh” – Scott Kelly (American astronaught

  • Mike (4) October 29, 2015

    This power of this image comes in waves: It is a play on words with words. The dark side of the stone, the negativity that all artists face from their critics/family/friends/naysayers, is out-shined by the light cast on the side of stone that holds the promise of freedom when you live authentically and follow your passions all the way to the end.
    This is a call to action for anyone with a dream and the passion to bring it to life. As we are often our own most vocal critics and naysayers, let this be a reminder to stay in the light of our passion and not reside in the darkness of our fear.

  • E.D. (0) October 25, 2015

    One of the Greatest sayings I’ve heard about my passion!!!