You are not something separate to experience, you are experience itself.

  • AMusoke (8) May 18, 2015

    Can someone explain this pic to me: I feel so blonde at the moment :P. Specifically, how one can be experience itself

    • Van Nguyen (5) May 18, 2015


      First I would like to say that, we all have our own experiences in life that shapes our perspective towards life; beliefs, views, behaviors, and of course our understanding of life and who we are as people.

      With that understanding its plausible to say that we will all have our different interpretations of the world as it is our life experiences by individuality of perception and understandings that adds onto the collective knowledge of the world.

      By such meaning, all of your experience Is who you are as a person, the definition of your life I’d your experience. Some people would say “you are what you experience” in contrast your thoughts are also what you are, for your thoughts influence your behavior. So to say that whatever you experience either internally, externally, through your choices or external environmental influences will affect your experience entirely which also profoundly shapes your perspective, beliefs, behavior, and of course, your life.

      Many people may have other opinions about this or, of course different perspectives and experiences that nay vary to this quote.
      The thing I love about quotes is that its a story behind every word through your own internal and external lense. So with every quote you experience may shape and influence you through the reflection of your own life.
      You may just haven’t realized that yet!

      Hope that provoked and opened your mind just a little more!



    • Marc Dumont (0) May 18, 2015

      hi blondie! i believe what the quote is suggesting (rightly so) is that there is no duality between you (as a subject of experience) and experience itself. in fact, the dis-ease or anxiety you feel is likely due to the misperceived separation of these two. once you can reconcile that there is just experience and nothing more (or less), you let go. upon successfully letting go, you’re freed. good luck!

    • Dan (0) February 2, 2020

      It means u are not a person, you are a person being seen by what is only awareness/ experience. It means that there really aren’t any persons, only experience. By identifying with a person u identify with a false self, an illusion. But if u identify with the light behind u, what is seeing the person, u are identifying with your true self, which is impersonal, and One.