You’re human. I’m human. We make errors. We commit blunders. Don’t condemn yourself for this. To do so is to condemn your very nature. It is impossible to live without making what we call “mistakes.”

Everything is nebulous, ambiguous, more complex than most will admit. We don’t know enough to worry. In my moments of clearest vision, I see that life is for joy and celebration.

Take meandering walks with no destination. Listen to music that knocks your soul into the stratosphere. Fucking dance; move your body wildly without inhibition. Bask in the sublime ambiguity of existence. Drink beer, smoke cannabis, have fun, and be free. Go where you did not expect to go.

If you do all these things, you will have seized this peculiar existence which was thrust upon you, dusted it off, and said, “By God, I’ll take you. And more than that, I’ll fucking love you. I fucking love you and I’m going to explore your nooks and crannies in the twilight and I’m going to absorb the loveliness of the phases of your moons and I’m going to laugh hysterically, dammit.”

Fuck it all. Love it all. This is the feeling to get to. This is freedom. You’ll be ashes soon enough and no one will ever really know you. This isn’t depressing; it’s liberating.

We’re fucking alive! Now let’s fucking live.

If you wish to say “Yes!” to life and explore your deeper potential…

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