You may have noticed that we have all recently fallen in love with Dr. Jordan Peterson.

The man is a force to be reckoned with.

Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist who burst into the forefront of the collective online consciousness within the last year or so when he started publishing a whole bunch of lectures and videos on YouTube.

I can say in all honesty that his lectures, his messages, and his obvious passion are beyond inspiring. The man is an erudite genius who understands a tremendous amount about how to live a good life.

If you’re thirsty to learn more about Peterson, we recently published an article sharing Peterson’s 40 axioms for a good life, and the article contains many links to his best videos. We also published an article on what Peterson says is the most useful psychological exercise anyone can ever do, as well as a list of Dr. Peterson’s 35 essential principles for getting the most out of your work life and increasing your productivity. Overlook these at your own risk.

Jordan Peterson was asked on Quora what he believes are the most thought-provoking question anyone can ask themselves. His response consisted of the seven questions below.

I encourage you to meditate on them, journal about them, even include them as your goals in the Future Self-Authoring Program. When you have fully articulated answers to these questions, you will be a much stronger version of yourself.

  1. How can I consistently act to minimize the evil done in the world?

  2. How can I continually improve the quality of the actions that I repeat every day (as those make up almost all of my life)?

  3. What would happen if I only said things I deeply believed to be true?

  4. What makes me interested in some things and not others (since it doesn’t seem to be a voluntary choice)?

  5. Why has science taught us virtually nothing about consciousness?

  6. How can I become strong enough to be useful in a crisis?

  7. What do I currently do that adds the most quality and meaning to my life? How can I do more of that (and less of what detracts from that quality)?

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and his colleagues have created a self-development program called Self Authoring. It is an amazing, in-depth, and affordable tool that you can use to analyze your life, set goals, and improve your weaknesses. Click here to check out Self Authoring.