Have you ever noticed that whenever you're thrown off center by a bad experience or bad news, or when you're really tired or not feeling well, you automatically fall into a "default" emotion, such as fear, anxiety, despair, anger, sadness or depression?

It can be debilitating to try to be creative and productive when your emotions are dragging you down. After finding myself falling into despair over and over again for several years, often with no apparent cause, I finally questioned what was going on. I began to think of this automatic response as an "emotional habit."

Most of us were taught emotional habits in our childhood that made us "emotional dependents" (a nice alternative to emotional vampires) later on in our adult lives. These are habits that limit our personal growth. Such habits creep up on us, without us being aware of it, until we get to a point where nearly everything triggers the same response-fear, grief, or anger. ...[Continue reading on The Quintessential Man]