This post was rewritten from an email conversation I had recently with someone who I think has an inspirational story to share. The girlfriend of a friend of mine told me about a guy who made a spiritual trip in Paris, staying homeless in the city for a year. I thought this was extremely interesting and fitting for our recently created hub around consciousness and I decided to go ahead and get in contact with him to find out more about the story.

So how did this trip all come to be?

A year in which I would not care about anything superficial

Well, before I went to Paris I was living in Barcelona. I had a job, friends, a good life. Living like everyone else. But i was distracted with life and forgot about my soul, my spirit or however you want to call it. So little by little it started to itch to do something for my soul and spirit. I wanted to dedicate some time just for that. To become a better person, stronger, wise and learn important things, like the meaning of life. So more and more this idea started growing to take one spiritual year off. A year in which I would not care about anything superficial. ...[Continue reading on Thestonedsociety]