Cannabis has an astonishing potential as a medicine, for which the body evidence continues to pile up. It can be used both to relieve symptoms of pain and mental trauma, as well as to actually reverse the effects of chronic diseases and ailments. But cannabis' powers of enhancement are not confined to the medical world. The herb can also be handy in the bedroom as a potent aphrodisiac, according to a love doctor of sorts that I had the great pleasure of interviewing, named Lisa "Mamakind" Kirkman. Kirkman is a sex advice columnist, cannabis activist and author of Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover's Guide to Gettin' It On. Just in time for the lovers' holiday, she chatted with me about such eyebrow-raising topics as why lovin' and cannabis go so well together, smoking fetishes and strains recommended for the best sex.

Cannabis enhances sex for both biological and social reasons, according to Kirkman. She said we experience a heightened state of arousal because oxytocin - which is naturally released during breastfeeding, sexual arousal and orgasm - is also stimulated when cannabis is consumed. Kirkman noted that some of the earliest recorded cannabis use is related to childbirth because cannabis strengthens contractions. So, the muscle-contracting properties of cannabis could be utilized to enhance sexual performance.

That said, here's a sexy cannabis guide, derived from Kirkman's most stimulating facts and tips in our interview. Share it with your Valentines, this week and beyond: ...[Continue reading on]