Kids are always doing things, for no other reason apart from fun. When was the last time you saw an adult jumping into a big puddle or on a stack of crunchy leaves. Actions have to be linked to reason when we get older and more sensible. The other day I went for a surf with my friend Mark who is a 5 year old in a 33 year old body. The moment our feet hit the sand, and he saw the waves, he couldn't stop himself from sprinting toward the ocean while squealing like a kid (a little girl to be precise). I joined him of course, and had a great time squealing and running then surfing. It was pure, childlike playtime- except my Mum didn't call me in for dinner.

One of the things that boosts flow more than anything is simple, pure fun. This isn't rocket science. Flow comes easy when we are playing and doing things we love doing. So do more of this stuff! And consider the wise words of Ernest at the top of this post.

3. Be present

If you start playing with some kids on the beach and they are building a sandcastle or just digging a hole, chances are that they are fully focused on that task. They are probably not thinking about what the stock market is doing, or how many likes their facebook post has. They are focused on digging holes or building sandcastles. This is one of the most powerful lessons we can learn about flow. We cannot get anywhere near flow without the focus that comes with being present in the moment. This means when you are digging a hole, your mind has to be present on the digging of the hole to be in flow. It is not flying away to the laptop, the shopping list, or wherever your mind likes to fly to. ...[Continue reading on Flowstateadventure]