1) No one is in charge of your happiness except you It's easy to allow others opinions and views to influence the way we feel. Yet, if we can learn to shake off other people's negativity we then control our own state of happiness. Do what makes you happy; we control our own state of mind.

2) Do not judge others for everyone is fighting their own battles We all have those battles we are secretly fighting within. Understanding this should make it evident that it isn't fair to judge anyone, for no one is perfect and neither are you or I.

3) Make peace with the past so it wont disturb the present Forgive for what has happened in the past so that we all can move on with the future. Learning from our mistakes allows us to grow as a person. Making peace with our past lets us create a brighter future. It isn't easy to forgive and forget. Yet, the reward will make us wish we had done so earlier. ...[Continue reading on Earthpsyche]