Relationships are one of the pillars of our experience of life. Some relationships nurture our hearts and minds, while some erode away our joy and add stress to our lives. We can't just isolate and avoid talking to people. We can't leave a job only because there is that one irritating person at the office. So we learn to adapt and explore new ways to surf through some unpleasant ones. This also helps us to grow as people and prepare us for bigger, better challenges with great rewards.

There are some people who are difficult to be around. They are toxic not because they are bad people and don't deserve love but because they complain, see the whole world through the victim's eyes, dwell on bad past experiences without showing any willingness to see their own part and they focus on mostly the negative in their lives. Energy is very contagious. If you hang around a toxic person long enough, they will bring you down to their vibrational level. Notice how much easier it is to bring down the temperature of hot water by adding cold vs the opposite.

I have personally have been both effected by toxic people and have at some point in my life been toxic to people I cared about (including myself). I learned how not to be toxic by being around toxic people. The following insights work for me and feel that they may offer you some new ideas for harmony in your relationships. ...[Continue reading on Expandedconsciousness]