From Sohu: Ascetic Nuns' Life Of Pilgrimage

Daoyuan Temple of Haicheng Liaoning is a strict discipline nunnery in China. This temple is composed entirely of women. The nuns practice Buddhism at the Dabei Temple in Haicheng Liaoning and belongs to the same Guiyang School of Zen Buddhism as the Dabei Temple.

According to reports, the Haicheng Daoyuan Temple, much like the Haicheng Dabei Temple, money is forbidden for all the nuns, they must abide by the Buddha's precepts and never touch money, never collect money. The photo shows [the nuns] holding a monk staff, carrying incense burner, walking outside in the early dawn.

Their temple does not have a donation box, they do not deal in business. All the nuns eat only once at noon and sleep 4 hours a day. They mediate for the length it takes to burn 5 incense. The photo shows them walking in the rain. ...[Continue reading on Chinasmack]