While traditional horror video games seek to provide an exciting thrill, Nevermind is a biofeedback-enhanced horror game that has greater ambitions. It requires you to manage your anxiety in alarming scenarios - the more stressed you feel, the harder the game becomes. The aim, says Erin Reynolds, its creator, is for players to learn how to not let their fears get the best of them in nerve-wracking situations and hopefully carry over their gameplay-acquired skills into the real world.

A Garmin cardio chest strap akin to the ones gym-goers use to monitor their workout acts as a sensor, relaying the player's heart rate information to the game through an ANT+ USB stick. The game calculates the player's Heart Rate Variability (HRV), measuring the change in the duration between their heartbeats to figure out when their "fight or flight" response has kicked in and adjusts the gameplay accordingly. While Nevermind can't zero in on specific stressful emotions like frustration or upset, it's able to detect the intensity of the player's feelings and gauge how deeply they feel stress at any point during the game. ...[Continue reading on Gizmag]