Each cell in your body you call part of you. Every single cell in your body is different than the one you had at birth. Throughout your entire life, you call your body one form, but truly, it is not. From conception onward, your body has simply been a meeting point. Various substances came together from the universe to make this thing you call yourself. Every time you eat, the food is broken down until it is changed into a different form, but still it is the same basic "stuff." You call your body part of you, but call the food separate from yourself... What a trap this is.

The air produced from trees, the substances combined from the various foods, have all come together to form this thing that seems to stay with us throughout our lives. We call it one body, however at any given moment, it is simply a point in the universe where different things have come together, have combined, and created a new form. Every single moment it is different, a new creation, an intelligent combination of substance.

So who we truly are may not be in our bodies, then. But surely our mind is who we truly are. No. This principle of interconnectedness goes beyond the body. The universe at times will combine in a way that a substance interacts with the substances of which the brain is composed. The result is what we call a "high". A physical substance can change our whole perception, our mind, who we call ourselves. A simple object can change so much about us. Realize how susceptible to change who we believe ourselves to be is. Realize how a simple object we call separate from ourselves can be the thing that makes this change . Think, the brain too is a combination of substances, a convergence within the universe. Every single day, the food we take in will affect our minds in the same way these things we call "drugs" do. The only difference is how subtle it is. Even our minds, our specific perceptions, rely on what we call outside objects to converge in a specific way. That's all our brain is: a bunch of outside "things" and energies, converging and combining and interacting. ...[Continue reading on Innerabode]