You want things. I don't even have to ask that question. There are things you desire to have, people you desire to be with, dreams you desire to accomplish, and a life you desire to create. It's all there in your imagination. You can see it, you can dream about it, almost taste it even. But that's not enough. You want to make it reality. So how come most of the time, we never seem to accomplish the things we desire? Where are we dropping the ball? What do some people seem to achieve all that they desire while others are stuck simply dreaming?

The main difference between people that go after what they want and people who ignore what they want is perspective. It's the difference between seeing obstacles vs. excuses; a simple matter of how we acknowledge our circumstances. An individual determined to achieve his goals with only see obstacles and will be ready to rise to the occasion. This same individual could look at the same set of circumstances and, instead see excuses.

I like to call these two different perspectives the dreamer and the doer. The dreamer is the individual that is satisfied with just imagining what he desires. He never makes it much further than the drawing board. He is never willing to take the risks to make his dreams become reality. The dreamer is stagnant and resists change, refusing to push himself to grow. ...[Continue reading on Barefootphilosophy]