What if it was possible to live in a city and a forest at the same time, having your house surrounded by green but being in close proximity to the downtown? I bet many of you could only dream to live in a place like that. However, this dream could actually become a reality someday thanks to Dutch architect Raimond de Hullu and his conceptual design called

De Hullu's vision of a green neighborhood is an off-grid community powered by renewable sources of energy and equipped with onsite waste and water treatment systems. All buildings would be made of recycled wood and organic insulation materials. Thus, the 'urban forest' would be completely energy and water self-sufficient and eco-friendly.

The community would consist of four-floor buildings equipped with triple glazing windows and solar panels. As for the interior design, there would be skylights, large windows and French balconies. De Hullu calls it "a treehouse combined with modern luxury." ...[Continue reading on The Mind Unleashed]