With populations getting denser in metropolitan areas, we are losing space for our food to grow around us. Many people observed this growing issue and started researching solutions to grow food effectively in their homes. These ideas developed into technologies (IE: The NutriTower) and are starting a revolution home gardening. Here's why they did it, and why you should to:

1. Your food is healthier and tastes fresh

It goes without saying that fresh foods taste better, but that's not the only reason you want to eat it soon after you picked it. The moment that you chop your vegetable off its plant, you start losing nutrients from the newly exposed surface. More vitamins and minerals are lost when it's soaked in water or when it's heated up after being frozen.

2. It grows all year long

When you live in colder climates, growing food is limited by the seasons. Luckily, if you know how to set up your system properly, you can grow your food all year long. Otherwise, systems like NutriTower are pre-made so that you get to eat food you grow every day of the year. ...[Continue reading on Valhallamovement]