I have just finished a long interview with Urs Fischer in his huge studio in Brooklyn, not far from the bridge that I am now crossing. Today the sky is very blue, as it sometimes is in New York in winter. This amazing view of the city, its bridges and skyscrapers, must make a strong impression on the artist as he goes home from work. Urs lives in Manhattan with his family, and daily travels to and from his Brooklyn studio. He says, "I try to have a normal family life and not to work during the weekend."

The interview takes place sitting around his desk, in the midst of the noise that his many assistants make. There are maybe ten or more, working at different tables in the very large industrial space we are in. Later we will move to a sort of mezzanine where there are more desks, a few secretaries and an open kitchen with a long table where everyone eats together. Today lunch is cooked by Mina Stone, who is producing "Cooking for Artists" with Urs' publishing house Kiito-San, which also publishes all his catalogues and other books. Urs loves books and reading. The recipes and the photographs in her book are Mina's and there are also some drawings by her artist friends. Her book is simple Greek cuisine, along with some other recipes; good food, easy to cook. Today's lunch is ceviche, spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil, and a green salad accompanied by San Pellegrino water, followed by espresso coffee. The atmosphere is happy and friendly.

I ask Urs: After living in New York for eighteen years do you consider yourself a Swiss artist? ...[Continue reading on Alainelkanninterviews]